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How did America Mess up the X and Y Generation?

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Jan 20, 2011 @ 01:39 PM

inspirational speakerGenerational speaker, Dr Mark Goulston, says Increasingly parents bail out their children and keep them from facing the consequence of their actions.

Consider the following examples:

A teenage sleeps in and is late for work, but doesn't worry about it because mom will call in and explain.

A 7 year old fails to do his homework because he chose to watch tv instead. The next day, it's all fine because mom wrote a note to the teacher explaining he didn't have time for homework last night.

While the x generation pulls their hair out, the Y Generation don't take resposibility for their actions. Why did this happen?

It is understandable that parents want better for their children so they seek to make their lives easier and keep them from conflict and stress.

According to Dr Mark Goulston in his Huffington Post Blog,

Baby Boomers have given their x and especially Y Generation freedom from responsibility and accountability for their actions. When children feel no responsibility or accountability for their actions, they feel and act entitled to what will immediately gratify them, and entitled to not do whatever they don't want to do. Parents motivational speeches to this generation may be lost because they haven't learned basic life skills like respect for their elders.

A generational speaker, Goulston suggests this is what parents need to do about it:

What We Can and Need to Do About It

An initial step that might be helpful is to reach a consensus between parents and their children as to what terms related to personal responsibility mean. Here are ten terms that come to mind for Goulston:

  1. Commitment: the level of dedicated action(s) you continue to take after your enthusiasm for an enterprise stops.
  2. Accountability: taking full responsibility for your actions by owning up to the negative or failed results, taking action to make up for it to the person(s) you let down, and learning what you did wrong so that it doesn't occur again.
  3. Maturity: how well you are able to resist an irresistible impulse and instead have and exercise judgment and do the reasonable thing. In the brain we refer to this as exercising one's executive function.
  4. Honesty: this is simply telling the truth according to the facts as you understand them. You know honesty best, when you tell a lie. Pathological liars lie whenever they are trying to get their way and take advantage of a situation. Compulsive liars lie both when the are trying to get their way and when they are trying to get out of facing the consequences of their actions.
  5. Forthrightness: this is coming forward and telling the truth and revealing untruths that you become aware of. It's believing and following Justice Louis Brandeis words: "Sunlight is the greatest disinfectant."
  6. Character: what you do when you are frustrated, angry, annoyed, afraid and/or bored and nobody is watching and your chance of getting caught is close to nil.
  7. Sacrifice: what you do unto others who will not (immediately) be able to pay you back by doing unto you.
  8. Compassion: what you feel unto others who will not be able to do more than say, "Thank you."
  9. Thinking ahead and planning: overcoming the aversion to anything that causes you to forego immediate gratification.
  10. Listening: and then pausing to consider what you've heard before rejecting it, tuning out or competing with it (a skill every generation needs to learn).

As a professional generational speaker, I get alot of inquiries about motivational speeches for parents and their Generation Y children.The best way to speak to this generation is to connect action to consequences.Put responsibility into the hands of our future generations

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