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Leadership Skills for the New Year

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Sat, Jan 01, 2011 @ 01:46 PM

leadership generational speaker 2011Our theories about what leadership and interpersonal skills it takes to inspire a workforce and boost morale changes every year. What will it be this year? If we were to look into a crystal ball to see how leadership will organically change over the next year, here is what i would suggest:

- More emphasis on technology. Cutting edge organizations will reach out to x and y generations need to stay connected. Through Face book, LinkedIn, and other social networks companies will engage employees through the technological universe.

- More coaching and feedback. Leadership will be compelled to coach, understand, and give more hands on feedback to ensure compliance especially with younger generations.

- More specific, genuine, fun recognition programs. Recognition will be more flexible and relative to diverse employee needs. Programs like on- site childcare, or programs for elder parents will be more relevant to workers. Spontaneous recognition programs or events like spontaneous Friday pizza party will thrive.

-Innovation will drive inspiration and productivity.  With continual change, adaptability will come from employee innovation leadership and change initiatives.

- Emphasis on Employee wellness. Leadership experts agree with statistics that clearly showing that wellness programs are cost effective and assist employees on achieving a better lifestyle. With stress and burnout at all time high levels and employee sick days going up, productivity is starting to plummet. Leadership needs to address ways to decrease stress and improve wellness for employees.

-x and y generations will take center stage. A large portion of our workforce being baby boomers, they in the later part of their career. As they begin to transition into retirement, x and y generations will take on a lot more responsibility and enter into leadership positions. Leadership qualities like adaptability, technology savvy and innovation will trump more traditional leadership skills.

As a leadership motivational guest speaker,  our leadership and change workshop engages discussion around the areas above. The emphasis is on change, adaptability, wellness, recognition, technology and engaging the x and y generation.

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