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Parks and Recreation Professionals.. Inspiration for Family Memory

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Dec 30, 2010 @ 07:44 PM

wellness  parks and rec keynote speakerThis summer we went hiking and camping in Banff National Park. One of the many parks we have access to within 90 minutes of our house. With soaring views of the rocky mountains, mother nature shows us her finest. There is no better way to boost your own morale than to get out of the hussle and bustle and come back to your center than to escape to our parks.

Success of our parks is due in no small way to  the parks and recreation professionals who create thriving community through people parks and programs. By creating and maintaining resources for the community and keeping our communities safe and clean, parks and rec professionals provide us with the environment to garner inspiration and wellness in our lives.

As a frequent keynote speaker at parks and recreation events, I am amazed at how incredible these audiences are. They really beleive in the message of levity, health and wellness, recreation and vitality.

Parks make our lives better. They provide great recreation opportunites to our communities and bring families together.

Don't be mistaken, because it is leisure industry does not mean it is an easy job. Park and recreation leadership must collaborate to form partnerships,create and administer programs, solve problems, work within a budget, deal with conflict and diverse populations. This requires leadership interpersonal skills like communication, adaptability, collaboration and more.

Families form incredible bonds in the great outdoors while creating memories, escaping and being together. It is so refreshing to leave behind the television, technology and devices and just enjoy each others company. It's like a forced renewal that inspires wellness in our communities.

Motivational Keynote Speaker Parks and Recreation Professionals

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