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Morale Boosters for the New Year

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Dec 29, 2010 @ 02:12 PM

motivational speaker morale boostersChange your environment. Their is nothing like a new splash of vibrant color in your home or work to add inspiration and energy.

Drink Water. One of my plans for the new year is to drink more- water. Just have a few sips and it adds alot of vitality and energy to your day.

Submerge in the positive. Start the day on a positive note. I like to listen to a humorous motivational speaker or comedian. Funny inspirational speeches and comedy that don't require effort to understand, and are uplifting or funny stir up positive endorphins and are real morale boosters.

Start your Day Laughing. Laughter is cheap therapy. Laugh for no reason at all for 5 minutes every morning and you can change the course of your day. The simple act of laughing changes the body chemistry enough to embrace an optimistic attitude for the day. ( there is a study of nun who did this every day and they found over a decade their health was drastically better than the non- nuns). Also, have fun at work by sharing some humor in the workplace.

Learn Something. People thrive when our emotional and intellectual needs are met. In many workplaces, we do the same routine over and over again. Not exactly fertile grounds for learning. Garner inspiration for your day by continually grasping new content to feed your brain which will ultimatley improve your life.

Appreciate someone. Sharing your sincere gratititude with someone will not only feel good, it will has the power to repair or rejuvenate relationship bonds. The smallest gesture of recognition can make a big impact.

Bust Burnout. Do something in 2011 to decrease stress. There are hundereds of stress reducing activities from exercise to recreational activities to having fun at work. Pick one a day, you deserve it.

Communicate. When people don't know what's going on, they feel disconnected. Lack of communication festers underneath most workplaces or relationships fraught with conflict. Make it your goal to communicate clearly in at least one area of your life. My goal was to communicate better with a friend, so i called her every week, ( versus once every 3 months) and i now understand things about her so much better than i did before. Our relationship is stronger.

Do you have any Morale Boosters to Add?

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