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5 Tips to Calm your Nerves for a Conference Speaker

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Dec 21, 2010 @ 07:34 AM

conference speakerAt a conference speaking, I often meet other speakers who have been "forced" to speak. Last month i was a keynote speaker at an agriculture convention and one of the break out session speakers said, "I am so nervous! What do i do?"  I told her, If you have good information, presented clearly, your audience will be receptive no matter how nervous you are.

Below are 6 ways to calm your Nerves when you are a Conference Speaker...

1)When chosing convention speaking topics, go for something you enjoy and have experience with. Something meaningful will naturally have memories attached to it and will make compelling stories that are easy to remember.

2) Fear and excitement are very close on the spectrum of emotion. It is really hard to tell- am i scared or excited? I just assumb this is excitement and use that nervousness and adrenaline to amp up my energy a notch

3)Imagine yourself up on the platform being competent, credible and having alot of fun. When you actually get up to speak, it will be easy.

4) The audience doesn't know your speech. If you miss a point, go out of order, don't worry about it. The audience won't know the difference. Don't say oh i forgot to say..., or what was supposed to go next is....The only one who knows you made a mistake is you, so keep it to yourself and keep rolling through the content.

5)Have Energy. Even if you have to fake it, exert energy into the performance. Nerves can funneled into nervous energy or they can sweep the life right out of your speech. You may appear lacklustre and lifeless if you don' throw your nervous energy into the speech.

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