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School Sucks...Why Teachers need to Be Inspirational Speakers

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Dec 20, 2010 @ 11:05 AM

inspirational speechesMost university professors aren't inspirational speakers. They can be boring, uninspiring and hard to relate to. To make our educational system more inspiring we would need to change the fundamental educational culture to emphasis learning, inspiration, interaction and self development.

Universities are not doing a good job. In a presentation by Presentation Zen, they talk about Leon Letterman, who won the nobel prize in physics said," my biggest anger is universities. They do not continue the inspiration students have coming out of high school. they go into a class of 200 students and a small professor somewhere down there."

Great speakers are inspiring. Many Professors in university make no attempt to engage or be an inspiration to the student. They don't have to, generally their career is set for them and they aren't looking to give inspirational speeches.

Professors are hired based on the research they do, not how good they are at teaching. Teaching is a burden, the real role is research.

Teaching Disabilities. Over 90% of middle school science teachers have never taken a science class outside of high school. Yikes!( ONION)

Contribute to the Conversation.

Great teachers are rare. To be great speakers, they need to be interactive. If someone is learning they should be engaged with interaction, thought, questioning and contribution. Motivation techniques that integrate conversation are not optional.

Practice until you figure it out

Instead of inspiring learning, teachers give threats in the form of bad grades. Grades give a sense of false certification. In real learning students need to be good at self mastery- practice, improve, adjust, practice, improve, adjust.

Contribute- Have you ever had a great teacher?

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