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Meeting Planner Convention Travel Apps for the IPhone

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Sun, Dec 19, 2010 @ 02:08 PM

conference speakingIn January and february meeting planners and delegates start traveling to conventions.

When I am at a conference speaking i often have the stress of travelling back to the airport in the back of my mind. Until I found some powerful tools to help me with some travel stress management. When planning a meeting, It is always a good idea to share with delegates ways to make travel less stressful. Here are some great iphone travel apps to help you stay organized and productive. Some of them I have used, most you have to pay for and they range from .99- 9.99

Shake your iphone and up comes a great guide to local restaurants. Never be hungry in city your not familiar with. Free

Airport Remote Monitor 100 airport maps, store directories and more. I find this one very useful, to plan my 2 hour layovers. Why is it so hard to get direct flights anymore?

Flight caster- actually predicts flight delays. I have used it once and my flight was on time so.... they were right!

This is very cool.HearPlanet tells you what attractions are nearby and then plays the description aloud.

Next Flight
Have you ever got to the airport and your flight is delayed or cancelled and you will miss your connection ( no.... never)? Since most meeting planners, motivational speakers or delegates don't use a travel agent anymore to book flights, this is the most daunting part. What happens when a flight is cancelled and you are stranded? Next Flight tracks scheduled departures from more than 4,200 airports and 1,100 airlines

GasBook- As a guest speaker in a city i am not familiar with, One of my biggest pet peeves about rental cars is finding a place to fill up the gas before turning in the car ( i never use the pre-paid tank option). Their are never gas stations close to the airport and it is very frustrating driving around looking for a gas pump.

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Do you have any applications you use?

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