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Leadership and Succession Planning, A Success Story

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Dec 09, 2010 @ 03:43 PM

Keynote speakerI am a keynote speaker at the Landscape Ontario Congress in January, 2011. The conference will attract landscape horticulture, retail garden centre, and nursery association members.

To prepare to be a motivational speaker for the green industry landscape professionals, today I interviewed Tim, the Owner of Garden Creations of Ottawa.

The company has successfully been in business for 30 years and is at the top of their feild. Our interview inspired me to write about Tim, his leadership philosophy and his company's Core Beliefs that have driven success.

Tim has successfully implemented a succession plan to allow himself to step away from the day to day operations at work. Anyone self employed knows this is no small victory. Garden Creations team follows the core beliefs below and operates a tight ship, even when Tim isn't present.

In the landscape industry, success is driven by the people you work with so it is critical to have a core philosophy and stand for something.

The Core Beleifs that Garden Creations stands for Falls under the Acronym TEAM which represents:

TALENT-the team at Garden Creations is bred with skill and knowledge they need to get the job done.  They grow that talent every chance they get. Through staff workshops, sending team members to seminars and conventions, mentoring and more their talent stays sharp.

EXCELLENCE-Garden Creations aims to be the best in everything, whatever they do, they aim for excellence.

ADAPTABILITY- Innovative practices and new ideas are continually on the forefront in keeping on top of leadership and change in the industry.

MENTORING- Garden Creations doesn't consider other companies in their industry and competition a bad thing. They welcome and look for opportunities to help advance their industry and help competitors succeed. Tim says, "When the competition looks good, our industry looks good". Employees are expected to train people from within and look for opportunity to mentor others.

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