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Event Planners.... Avoid Death by Power Point

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Nov 29, 2010 @ 06:27 PM

event plannersI very rarely use PowerPoint. When I do, I know I better have a back up plan.

Last week at a conference one of the keynote speaker’s presentations relied totally on PowerPoint. It did not work. She kept clicking towards the screen and staring at it and nothing. Uncomfortable silence. Ultimately she ended the session 30 Minutes early.

According to Alexi Kapterev there are a million power point presentations going on right now and over 50% of them are unbearable. Lots of people are killing each other with bad presentations right now.

According to Kapterev, A Good PowerPoint Presentation needs:





As an Event planner, When Speakers submit their presentations do they look like they have thought through these stages? Do they have a back up plan? Will they read the presentation right off the screen? Is it relevant to the audience?

Speakers should also be prepared for equipment failures and poor Internet connections.  Decide in advance how you will handle a projection failure. If you are conducting a large session, you should use two projectors in case one fails.

Most presenters bring only one computer. If it crashes, the speaker should have a contingency plan, such as slides or a side show.

When I do use PowerPoint, their is a lot of preparation needed in advance. The computer must be checked. The Internet connection must be established. The projector must be focused. The lighting has to be adjusted. The sound quality has to be checked. And the meeting room often needs to be reconfigured.

All this clearly takes time, and it's very unprofessional to not to be completely ready at the beginning of a session. Make sure speaker show up early enough ( put it in the contract) to troubleshoot.

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