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Levity... A Good Excuse to Goof Off

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Sun, Nov 28, 2010 @ 10:19 AM

The act of play helps you shape and understand your world. If you played more and actively had fun for no reason but to enjoy it, how would you see the world differently?

Event planners search for ways to make meetings more memorable and fun. Companies crave ways to have fun at work. Conference venues look for ways to add levity and playfulness to events.

You can read forever about the virtues of play but to understand its power you have to experience it. Otherwise it's like having a dinner party and serving pictures of food. The experience is missing.

Play is a basic biological need like sleep and food. It's easy for children to play but much more difficult for adults.

Some people pride themselves on not giving themselves into play. These are serious people who have likely been rewarded their entire life for hard work. The only thing that counts for them is acheivement and when you are goofing around you are not accomplishing anything productive. However you are decreasing burnout, creating wellness, and dare i say altering your boring  personality.

If joy is a natural state than why are so many people so funny speakermiserable? Likely because they need to be convinced the power of play. Fed Up? Lighten Up!

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