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The Nerve to Serve... Say Hello to Humor & Goodbye to Burnout!

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Nov 10, 2010 @ 05:10 PM

This is my first blog entry on hubspot. So far the software is easy to use.

I speak about Humor, one of the most in demand topics is about humor and stress management. Below are a few advantages of adding some levity to your life...

Humor Sustains You. Make it a habit to laugh at the tough stuff. What’s funny is when things go wrong- not when things go right. This helps you take yourself lightly so you can take your work seriously.

Remember Humor puts you in control in two ways:

It puts you in control of your environment by putting others at ease and decreasing tension.

It instantly puts you in control of the way you feel. You cannot experience any negative emotion and laugh at the same time

Rise above your circumstances; downplay embarrassing or painful moments by searching for the humor in it

Laughter often marks the turning point where people stop being a victim and start becoming a survivor. You don’t play when you feel better you feel better when you play

Laughter has been shown to decrease pain (Norman Cousins). Remember humor liberates expectations and appropriately used it will help you manage expectations.

Humor and laughter instantly change the way you feel, the way you think and the way you act

Laughing is the best stress management technique around because it’s fun, free, safe, takes no special training, no equipment, is easy to do, and accessible at any time

Every time you laugh you:

Increases Endorphins (like morphine it makes you feel good and gives energy)

Decreases Stress Hormones

Decreases Muscle Tension from stress (further breaking the stress cycle)

Increase oxygen to your brain which makes you more focused and productive

How can you turn the routine into festivity?

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