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Wellness Speaker: Caroline Myss

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Sep 02, 2014 @ 05:20 PM

motivational wellness speakerAccording to best selling author and motivational wellness speaker Caroline Myss, mystics have a special rapport with time and space.

Myss calls herself a mystic in just one area in life: medicine. Not traditional medicine but the intuitive ( mystic)kind.

At the start of her career,  Myss attempted to practice traditional medicine. She quickly discovered she could not not walk that path, so she turned a medical clairvoyant overnight.

Being medically intuitive , Myss entered a scary world she didn't know and left behind the comfort of a world that she recognized. Yet, she knew it was right.

Myss teaches that every part of your body resonates to a frequency, as do your thoughts. Myss also believes your biography becomes your biology.
We create our future, we create disease and we create health.

Through her work she has discovered that people have the power to heal themselves. Her definition of heal is the disease is no longer in your body and you are no longer afraid of it returning.

We heal our own body, however that perception gets watered down depending on the maturity of the soul.

If we have the power to heal ourselves, then why don't we? Because  we can put the perception that we can heal in our head but it's just a perception and it's not activated.

Through her work, Myss has learned that not everybody wants to be healthy.

Our biography is important because it becomes our biology.

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