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Factors that Kill a Memorable Meeting

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Aug 12, 2014 @ 01:12 PM

meeting guest speakerMeetings need to be interesting, fun and meaningful to be memorable.

Below are a few commonplace things that destroy a meetings impact:

Boring, routine protocols. Just like a typical toastmasters meeting-many meetings involve a call to order, introductions and routine requirements that consume half the meeting. This agenda can become so routine and dry , people want to put their head down and have a quick nap.

Dry, uninteresting guest speakers. Many speakers say things just because it's information that is related to the group. However, it is reiterated or commonplace for most people in the room. They end up overwhelming the audience with too much information. Potentially eager participants tune out.

The guest speaker who would rather be somewhere else (and the audience can sense it). Leaders often ask someone to contribute to a meeting, so the speaker tries to pack into their already jam packed schedule- prepare for meeting. As the day draws closer, time gets away from them and they are not ready. The speaker ends up dreading the meeting and the audience can tell.

Meetings that go on and on with no clear direction. Without a concrete agenda, one conversation or person can monopolize the discussion. The meeting also needs someone to lead the group and keep the discussion focused.

No follow up or follow through. If nobody is left accountable for their actions nothing will happen and the meeting will be a waste. Meeting minutes and specific action follow throughs may be boring and tedious but they are necessary to respect peoples time.


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