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Mistakes Made when Planning a Women's Conference

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Jul 08, 2014 @ 02:16 PM

motivational speakerI am a motivational speaker at over 15 Women's conferences per year. I have seen some really well planned, exceptional events for women and some really unfortunate ones too.

Some of the faux pas meeting planners make that weaken the impact of a women's conference are:

  • Not being clear on the intended audience. I have seen many women's conferences' center the event around stay at home moms when a good portion of the audience are working professionals.
  • Hiring workshop guest speakers on topics like scrapbooking or grocery shopping.
  • Every women's conference spotlights work /life balance. We are women, we care deeply about our families and our jobs and we try to do it all. This will never change ( and I'm not sure there is such thing as balance).
  • Never including men in the event. Hire male motivational speakers for a change, they will create balance in the program.
  • Holding a women's panel where the panel experts aren't prepared.
  • Not marketing the event to professional business women. Advertising a women's conference in the weekly community flier may be valuable exposure however don't miss the opportunity to reach out to organizations and business groups in your community.
  • Only having content geared towards women. I have heard many guest speakers at women's conferences highlight menopause, progesterone and women and weight loss. All exceptional, catered topics for women, yet the program would be so much more balanced if it had more general interest or leadership topics too.
  • Not keeping the agenda on time. Guest speakers who go over their aloted time should be dragged off the stage.
  • Inviting an MC who is usually a local female TV or Radio Host who is unprepared or gives the air that she is bigger than the event.
  • Hiring motivational guest speakers who are successful business women but not prepared for a motivational speech.

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