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Narrow Your Niche for Tourism Marketing Success

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Jun 26, 2014 @ 04:14 PM

tourism motivational speakerI was a motivational speaker for a large tourism conference where I had the pleasure of watching Roger Brooks present.

Roger is an expert in tourism branding and marketing and a frequent guest motivational speaker for tourism events. Throughout his motivational speech Roger compelled conference participants to discover and promote your unique selling proposition or USP. Like most industries, the tourism industry tried to be all things to all people. Roger outlined words that are generic, frequently used and completly ineffective.

Roger coined the term, Jettison the Generic to mean the narrower your marketing focus( niche) the greater your success will be.

An great example of narrowing your niche is the Ventana Inn on the central california coast. The hotel discovered that 1/3 of their guest population was families with children. To differentiate themselves, they decided to get rid of this client base. Thus, you cannot stay at the Ventana Inn if you are under 21. The results? Within one year their occupancy tripled.

Another great example of narrowing your focus for the tourism industry is League City, Texas. They focused their marketing efforts on attracting younger professionals to the city. The brilliant advertising campaign features young professionals working in the park on a laptop, teambuilding on a roller coaster and on lunch breaks Wake Boarding. All of this branding was tagged as working League City Style.

Rogers motivational speech, the Art of Branding was really an eye opener because so many people ( myself included) try to be everything to everybody. Narrow your niche and you become unique!

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