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Ideas for fun at work, Inspirational poems, Let it Go!

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Dec 29, 2014 @ 04:51 PM

humorous guest speakerJody Urquhart, humorous motivational speaker

You can go from good to bad days, sometimes at the snap of a finger
If you don’t let situations bother you, than humor and happiness linger
Humor has little to do with jokes it’s more laughing at common stresses
Here are some tips that may help to keep you out of some of those messes

You can use your imagination and just let go of your inhibitions
Fun broadens your perspective so that should be your mission
When you call an urgent meeting and you know they’re not impressed
Make them laugh when they arrive with the way that you are dressed

You don’t have to be too outrageous, a funny shirt or silly tie
Already you’ll have given the impression that you’re a comical guy
They’ll look forward to other meetings to see what you will do
They’ve gone from something they disliked and now look forward to

You should try and put some fun into everything you do
At work and at home show a playful side of you
You may not be able to make everybody snicker
But you will find it helps to make the day go quicker

Finding humor in everything might be hard to do
What’s important is doing what works for you
Naturally you can’t avoid every stressful situation
“It could always be worse” is a good salutation

A happy life; a happy home is what we should nurture
Not worries of the past and fears of the future
Fun is in the moment and time flies when you’re having fun
Enjoying the things you have to do is the best way to get things done

As you are all professionals and face that daily stress
It’s important that you “let it go” and augment happiness

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