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Stress Management Tool- Have you had your Laugh today?

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Dec 29, 2014 @ 04:38 PM

funny speakerDeep laughter lowers our levels of stress hormones, raises our pain threshold, increases our ability to fight upper respiratory diseases, relaxes muscles and reduces anxiety. Cracking up even has cardiovascular benefits. Studies done at Stanford University found that a two-minute belly laugh is equal to 10 minutes on a rowing machine in terms of boosting your heart rate.

Anybody can use laughter as therapy. There are no limitations in how often it's done, and there's no cost involved. It doesn't even have to be a real laugh. The body doesn't know the difference. If you pretend to start laughing, then you start really laughing. The following is only a partial list of the benefits of Laughing:

Laughter takes the focus off your problems

A sense of humor helps us gain a fuller and more realistic perspective of the world

Laughing invokes feelings of happiness and joy. Instead of being gloomy and frustrated

It’s easier to think creatively around a problem when our mind is lighter from laughter

Shared laughter promotes bondage and unity within the group.

Laughter also opens the door to more real and risky communication.

Humor can dramatically change the quality and outlook of our lives. Humor is an easy way to get in touch with your feelings, and control them in difficult situations.

Laughter is not the same as humor. Laughter is simply the physiological response to humor.

Laughing makes us feel good for a reason. The physiological effects on our body do some pretty amazing stunts. For instance:

  • Laughter appears to reduce levels of certain Stress Hormones
  • Laughter boosts the Immune System and Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Laughter may lead to hiccuping and coughing, which will clear the respiratory tract by dislodging mucus plugs.
  • Laughter also gives your diaphragm and abdominal, respiratory and facial, leg and back muscles a workout.
  • There also has been some belief that laughter may help preventsome life-threatening diseases

Share some humor today. Give yourself permission to REALLY


Jody Urquhart is a professional speaker who for the last ten years has motivated and inspired professionals to use humor to change there lives. Please contact us to see how we can recognize and inspire professionals at your next event.


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Remember life doesn't care whether you are having fun or not. You should. The only person stopping you from having more fun is you.

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