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Mindfulness for Stress Relief

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Jun 25, 2014 @ 02:03 PM

guest speakerRecently I watched a guest speaker at an insurance conference discuss corporate mindfulness.

Usually mindfulness is presented as a touchy feely personal development tactic, so I was curious how he would relate it to insurance professionals.

The guest speaker suggested that maps or neural circuits develop in our brain over time through thought and experiences.

Scientists suggest there are two sets of maps. The first is the default network: this is active when not much else is happening.

The default network involves a narrative circuit that takes information from outside and adds your own narrative.

The second set of maps involves the Direct Experience Network which activates when you are not thinking about past or future but the present.

Here you absorb data direct from the environment.

Thus, you can experience the world through your neural circuitry, where your brain takes incoming information and compares it to past experience.
Or,  you can experience the world through your direct circuit where you simply observe the world without judgement.

This distinction and awareness helps you notice direct and narrative paths, otherwise the narrative chatter usually rules.

Mindfulness is a habit. Over time it thickens certain parts of the brain, which become stronger.

The guest speaker didn't relate it much to the insurance world.  However, perhaps he didn't have to. I could tell that this stressed out, overworked audience could use a break from their narrative chatter. To directly experience life instead of comparing it to insurance plans and rates might be a healthy relief.

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