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How to Increase Insight and Innovation

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Dec 29, 2014 @ 04:51 PM

guest speakerA profound but simple saying I love is, everything will be ok in the end, if it's not ok, it's not the end.

When I struggle or watch others struggle, it's usually a stuck in the middle anxiety that prevents awareness and movement.

With uncertainty about the future, it's easy to get washed away by a profound feeling that things are just not ok. Until the situation improves and uncertainty lifts, the mind reels thinking about what the future holds.

Science suggest that increasing happiness increases the likelihood of insight and increased anxiety decreases the likelihood of insight.

Your ability to perceive subtle signals declines as anxiety causes greater stimulation of the brain and the ability to focus declines.

The wrong answers prevent the right ones from emerging.

Solutions often appear after you leave a problem and come back to it.

A fresh solution won't come from trying to focus harder. Instead, leaving a problem and coming back is better. Looking more closely at a problem and analyzing it narrows your perspective and activates different parts of the brain that actually prevent fresh solutions from emerging.

Once a situation improves, you learn to accept it or you change your perspective about it; then the road to repair happens.
Life starts Hinting at a better day.

Stepping back and realizing how you think about your problems helps. Over analyzing and thinking longer and harder about your situation-doesn't help.

Reflect from a higher level, decrease anxiety and hold onto insights and positive engagement.

Socrates said the unobserved life is not worth living. When life is ok, we often stop observing. Only when life gets yucky and not ok are we forced to observe and change.

When you reach the end, the struggle subsides, uncertainty and anxiety goes away.
Things are ok.

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