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How to Adapt to Find Talent

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, May 26, 2014 @ 10:51 AM

leadership guest speakerOn May 20, 2014 I had the pleasure of watching luncheon motivational keynote speaker, Lance Richards speak at the Kalamazoo, Michigan Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM ) conference.

Lance delivered his motivational speech, Talentomics: Ways HR Must Adapt to Find Talent.

Lance is the VP of the office of innovation at Kelly Services.

The motivational keynote speaker set the tone for the crowd by discussing the economics of talent, and asking the question: What are the things we need to be thinking about given the global world?

Lance suggested that Globalization is bullet proof, nothing has slowed it down, and yet many fight it. He defined globalization as the distance between the consumer and producer.

Today borders are shrinking and we increasingly rely on global resources to support everyday life.

For instance, just try to create a meal with only local sources; it is very hard. Much of our produce, beef and packaged goods come from another country.

Some of the points the speaker suggested about our global workforce and current economy:

Interwovenness. We are interwoven in everything, what we do in one area spills over to others.

In this rapidly shrinking world, what is the HR value impact? Lance compelled the audience to take the leading role to support organizations through change.

A key driver of globalization is technology. How is HR leveraging Technology? Often HR gets caught up in utilizing technology to measure activity instead of understanding results.

Technology gives power to the worker.

Karl Marx said the means of production must rest in the hands of the worker. It does thanks to technology, it takes people to make technology work and technology gives everyday people great power.


One of the greatest threat to globalization is our education system. Some of the points the compelling leadership speaker made are:


  • In India it takes 2 to 3 years to reverse the damage the education system has made.


  • Dr Condolezza Rice, former US Secretary of State once suggested the number one threat to national security is the United States is our k- 12 educational system.


  • For the average faculty member a university undergraduate is an annoyance. They don't have the skills necessary to support the job.


  • Cutting edge organization like IBM use new employee orientation to teach employees to think ....to unlearn the damage made from what they learned in school.

How long will it take before we start to assess skill and experience level instead of education?

On work place and spaces.

It's no longer necessary to travel to work with technology offering offsite options, often more productive. If you can't move the worker, move the work. Working at home you avoid interruptions and get a lot more work done.

On knowledge.

Could knowledge become a commodity? Don't manage knowledge. Curate it.

33 to 34 percent describe themselves as a free agents, and this percentage is only increasing.

The motivational keynote speaker compelled the HR audience to leverage jobs .Do you need this person 5 days a week? Can they do the work  3 days a week on contract?

What all of this equates to is workforce virtualization, where HR leaders become talent supply chain managers. Do you have a supply chain strategy for talent?

Understand the Generations.

We have 4 distinct generations in the workplace. Each generational group has unique values, goals and motivation. These unique styles and attitudes makes up the generational glue that holds each generation together.

The best performing team will have several generations and will understand what makes each one thrive.

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