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Games Create Fun at Work

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Dec 29, 2014 @ 03:58 PM

fun at work speakerI am often hired as a fun at work motivational speaker to help organizations create fun, happy work environments. Several times a year, I visit companies that have tried different programs to instil fun at work. Many of these programs work in the beginning and quickly lose momentum.

In an effort to create more fun at work, many organizations create games to add challenge and motivation.

Games have 3 design elements that make them motivating

1) a limited timeframe
2) a small challenge
3) a score

Tasks can become fun games when your racing against a clock. Break larger ( annual) goals into smaller, even daily ones to make it even more motivating.

A good example of this from the book Change Anything suggests this type of game works with kids with diabetes.
Newly diagnosed diabetics must give themselves 6 painful shots every day. No fun. Until they transformed it into a game. Several times a day kids put a drop of blood on a meter which gives them a score.

They know they're winning if they keep a score of 60 & 120... A healthy blood sugar level. Now they are playing a game. They have a limited timeframe...each reading, a challenge, and a goal.

Games played at work with these elements can be meaningful too. As long as you remember creating fun at work is an attitude, it's a vitality.

The program or game shouldn't be a lot of work to implement, track or maintain. Also as soon as any reward is attached, this can create entitlement.

Games can add friendly competition, as long as they don't pit people against one another and they are used in the spirit of fun and increased productivity.

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