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Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, May 22, 2014 @ 11:11 AM

motivational speakerMany workers today feel discouraged, burnt out and overwhelmed lacking a sense of meaning and belonging. Mostly due to the new, sometimes harsh reality of doing far more work with fewer resources.

Workplaces cannot thrive unless people feel connected and valued despite heavy workloads. Without a sense of connection and progress discontentment will brew.

If you feel valued on the job, it is much more likely you will enjoy your work. If you don't feel appreciated at work, the job is likely just a means of putting food on table.

People want to know that what they do matters. To be understood, affirmed and valued is a core human need. Without it, work becomes routine and lacks connectedness.

In intense and fast paced work environments, what often falls through the cracks are the touchy feely elements of work; like appreciating others.
Yet this is critical to create positive morale and productivity.

In many workplaces, if you do your job well- it falls on silence. Yet, if you make a mistake; it's immediately noticed. Because there's always more work to do, nobody cares that you step up, they only notice if you don't.

Employees are more likely to burn out if they don't feel appreciated and  supported. Add to this that what makes one person feel appreciated won't work for others.

Research reveals that employees prefer recognition from their immediate supervisor versus other coworkers by a margin of two to one. However all recognition is good recognition.

People are also skeptical of contrived appreciation that isn't genuine and real.

We tend to communicate in a language that is meaningful to us, so most leaders recognize others in ways they would like most. However, this appreciation can backfire as everyone has a desire to be appreciated that meets their needs, not their supervisors.

Research shows almost 70 percent of people receive almost no appreciation at work.

To increase job satisfaction, one of the best skills a leader can master is the ability to notice and appreciate others in a unique and specific way. No prizes necessary, just genuine appreciation.


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