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3 Steps to Change

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Apr 21, 2014 @ 11:50 AM

authorsIn the book, Change Anything, the authors suggest the following 3 steps to change:

  1. Examine when and where you currently fall back into bad habits
  2. Identify crucial moments....studies show the moments where you are dying to give in are actually few and far between. When are they for you?
  3. Look for conditions that create the greatest temptation for you. Different times, around certain people, certain situations, or certain emotional states...  

For example, after observing your behaviour you may find...

When you are tired ...you reach for a smoke

You eat a lot of sugar when your mother in law visits

You drink coffee after 2 pm and then can't sleep

You skip a workout when your job workload increases

You gain weight when you travel

You lose sleep when you travel

If there is junk food in the cupboard, you eat it

You fight with your spouse when you are overwhelmed at work

You eat junk at your parents house

You drink when around other drinkers

You procrastinate on tough projects

Carefully crafted ignorance

The first step to change is understanding what circumstances and situations are causing you to fall back.

As a humorous motivational speaker I travel a lot and this is often where I fall back on bad habits about food, exercise and sleep. Just knowing this has helped me change.

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