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How to Deal with a Sore Loser

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, May 09, 2014 @ 10:59 AM

fun at workA poor sport who lost a pool competition once said, I'm not a sore loser I just prefer to win and when I don't..... I get angry.

Sore losers know they are being difficult and they often get away with it. Not only that but they reap the benefits. Fear and intimidation discourages others from competing; making their chances of winning even better.

When someone is difficult- it is important to call them on the behaviour.
Their sour attitude is wreaking havoc on others.

Here is what you could say ...

  • Tell them what you saw: When you lost the pool tournament it clearly made you angry. You threw your pool cue across the room and stormed out.
  • Tell them how it impacts others: In the spirit of competition sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. It really depresses others when you freak out like that because you lost. It makes us not want to play anymore because it's not fun. It sucks the energy out of others.
  • Ask for Something Else: When you lose can you hold your temper and not be so hot headed? Otherwise we won't let you play.
  • Get agreement: Ok?

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