Effective Leadership: the Closed Door Policy

motivational speaker for financeRecently, I was a motivational speaker for a group of financial leaders.  The group unanimously agreed that open door policies are death to personal productivity.

One manager actually has a sign that says, my open door policy is closed.

These financial leaders have grown tired of trying to solve everyone's problems. Never does a day go by where the revolving open door isn't constantly dragging problems to a leaders feet. Personal productivity plummets when you are constantly distracted.

When you have an open door policy people can take advantage of it and get used to not solving problems on there own.

An open door policy suggests come to me with any questions and challenges and I will help. This was reasonable 30 years ago where fear and intimidation made people afraid to speak up.

Today, not only are we encouraged to speak our mind but we are given the social media tools to broadcast our thoughts all over the world.

In some workplaces people are still afraid to ask questions but today it is so much easier to find answers.

Open door policies work if people are still encouraged and empowered to think through and solve problems. Miscommunication happens when people don't know the right solutions and then don't know they don't know.

Leadership: Is your door open or closed?

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