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Conference Expense Worksheet

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Apr 07, 2014 @ 11:45 AM

motivational funny speakerIf you want to request to attend a conference and want your employer to pay for it; you will need to be really clear on what the expenses involved will be.

To help you prepare for this, here is a sample conference expense worksheet:

Conference Registration.... Outline the basic fee to attend the and any taxes on top of this

Extra Event Fees... Conferences often charge extra to attend the dinner banquet, motivational keynote speaker, reception, pre- conference workshop, etc. Outline these seperately. If it comes down to it budget, you can skip the extras and go just to the main events.

Lodging.... Call the hotel for their best rate. Ask if there is a discounted conference delegate fee for rooms. Also, it may be possible to share accomodations if there is a need to save money.

Airfare... Search for the best flight options on a couple of flight booking websites like Orbitz or TravelZoo. Show the research to your employer as far as dates/ times/ and flight fees. Often chosing flight plans with stopovers ( not direct flights) brings the total down.

Airport Parking.... This is where "ëxtra" costs really add up. If you can get someone to drive you to the airport, put this cost savings into your proposal. This alone can save a hundred dollars or more.

Transport to Hotel...There are usually several ways to get from the airport to the hotel. Call the hotel to ask them about transportation options. They may have a complimentary shuttle. If not, ask for economical suggestions on how to get to the hotel and how far it is. Many airports have shuttle services  ( like Rideshare or Supershuttle) that will charge will charge you a flat fee to get to your hotel. Reserve in advance. The most expensive option is to take a cab.

If a rental car is needed, you may get a discount if you book it at the same time as the airfare. Also include in this how much it will cost for gas and mileage.

Food Per Diem... If you hope for your company to cover your meals while you are at convention, mention it. A per diem of $50 per day is usually standard ( times the number of days). Otherwise remember that the conference registration usually includes meals. So any additional meals on top of the conference registration- may be one of the expenses you are willing to cover.

Before you request to attend a conference be sure to do the research first for your best chance at approval.


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