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3 Tips to Instantly Relax

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Mar 10, 2014 @ 02:54 PM

humorous motivational speakerThe sirens blare and lights flash as an ambulance pushes it's way through the freeway to get to the horrific accident ahead. As I wait in my cab feverishly praying for the traffic to move, my nervousness builds.

I am in boston to be a motivational speaker for a corporate event. The motivational speech is set to start in 35 minutes. Given that the conference is over 15 miles away and traffic is moving mere millimetres a minute, I feel very uneasy.

My tension builds as the minutes slowly roll on. I know that internally I am getting myself worked up, but I can't help it. The more I think about my predicament, the worse I feel. I am supposed to be a motivational speaker for over 400 corporate leaders in less than half an hour. These successful professionals will not be impressed with my tardiness.

Boston freeways are unpredictable and I continue to berate myself for not taking an earlier flight.
Finally there is a break in traffic and we get closer to the horrific traffic scene. Driving by the wreck I see that it is a simple fender bender. I feel my anger grow as I realize that this mild fender bump has caused me, not to mention hundreds of other passengers,  to waste our time, waste  gas and be late for our appointments. Now I am really worked up, tense and vehemently angry and about to give a motivational speech.

This is where those magical relaxation techniques are crucial. Here is how I instantly clear my head and start to unwind:

Breathe. One of the quickest ways to center yourself is through your breathe. A couple of deep breathes can instantly bring body and mind back in center.  I use this routine: Take a deep breathe while counting to ten. Hold the breathe for a count of five. Let go. Repeat this several times.

Visualize. Imagine yourself being the way you want to be. If your next activity requires you to be confident and relaxed then imagine yourself being this way. In as clear detail as possible, imagine walking confidently into a room -relaxed, centered and energized. Visualize interacting this way.

Fake it. Even if you are overwhelmed and stressed out, pretend your not. Act like a relaxed, confident person and eventually your body will catch up.

I enjoyed being a motivational speaker for the corporate event. I used the breathing technique several times in the cab, while they were introducing me I visualized a confident, humorous motivational speech. Finally, if I'm really worn out I just fake my enthusiasm until it catches!

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