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motivational speakerTake a meeting from good to great or from average to amazing; with interactive activities to reinforce ideas and solidify engagement.

I was a motivational speaker for a healthcare organization recently where the program planner organized some fun, lively games to help engage the crowd. Audience participation and interaction kept people engaged and involved in the experience.

Here are a couple activities the guest speakers facilitated:

The Telephone. In this speech activity, start a message at the beginning of a row and have it be verbally communicated progressively down the row to the last person. Once it hits the final person in the row, have them compare the final message with the original one.  Peels of laughter often result as people find the message is drastically different as it passes down the line.
Tie the lesson to how messages get distorted, misinterpreted and altered as they move through different people.

To further amplify the activity tie the messages to content reinforced in the meeting.

Innovation builders. Table of 6 to 8 people each get a bag of marshmallows and a bag of straight pretzels. Teams are instructed to build something innovative, preferably related to the meeting theme with the materials.  Give the groups 5 minutes to build something. When time is up vote on the mist innovative design.

A variation to the motivational speech activity is to instruct groups to build the highest freestanding structure.

I enjoyed being a motivational speaker for the healthcare organization. The fun activities between guest speakers really kept people engaged and tied in key concepts.
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