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Why People are Miserable

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Feb 18, 2014 @ 02:07 PM

  • Depression rates today are 10 times higher then they were in 1960.
  • Every year the age threshold of depression declines.
  • 30 years ago the mean onset age of depression was 29.5 years, today it is half that.

( Not to depress, just to inform)

These are the statistics that the keynote speaker used to open his motivational speech. His basic premise was provocative: most people are miserable.

The keynote speaker was quoting best selling author, Shawn achor. Shawn is the author of the book, The Happiness Advantage.

The speaker suggested the following reasons people are miserable...

  • People are starving for happiness but can't find it because they spend most of their time trying to avoid the negative.
  • Countless studies show that strong social connections are key to happiness. Yet, most people when stressed out isolate themselves and hide away from the world.
  • Our brains are hard wired to do their best when in a positive mood; yet over 45% of people dislike their work. People work long hours and don't take time for themselves.
Happiness leads to success in every domain, so it pays to eradicate miserableness.humorous motivational speaker

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