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Motivational Speaker for the North Dakota Bankers Association

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Jan 23, 2014 @ 10:36 AM

motivational speakerOn January 30, 2014, I am a Humorous Motivational Speaker for North Dakota Bankers Association Lead360 Conference.

Approximatly 60 community bankers from across north dakota will attend the event. The audience will comprise some bank presidents, front line managers, sales and marketing directors, HR professionals and more.

The banking environment in North Dakota is unique in that the area has tremendous growth, low unemployment and lots of opportunity thanks to the booming oil industry in the area.

As a result of this the banks often struggle to attract and retain qualified staff.

For small community banks compliance pressure is real and makes it difficult to remain competitive lacking some of the resources that larger banks have. Dodd Frank's new national housing regulations are often unclear and challenging to implement. Regulations put more and more pressure on banks and make it harder for community banks to lend money.

Speaking with several delegates before the event a common theme is the pressure to increasingly engage customers with technology. Electronic products and services like online banking, remote deposit capture, mobile banking, remote deposits and more.

Consumers, especially younger ones are expecting these products. For instance, Person to person banking is a simpler way to tranfer and deposit money. Often called Pop Money, someone can send an email that will automatically deposit into the receivers account.

The challenge is not all employees have smart phones and Ipad and know how to use these products and now there task is to start promoting them to clients.

Overall from a customer service perspective, customers want it all and they want it now. Technology blurs the lines of reality and reasonable expectations making customers more and more demanding. They want these products and they want them for free.

The generational challenges extend into staff work ethic. Younger generation employees also demand immediate gratification. They want to start work immediatley with limited training, they understand or appreciate very little about where banking has come from to get where it is today.

Finally the bankers have been scrambling to deal with the Target Security Breach. Many small community banks have had to call all of there customers to review and for some issue new banking cards. Now identity theft and privacy have become a top priority.

I look forward to being a Motivational Speaker for the Bankers Association. My motivational speech is This Would Be Funny if it Wasn't Happening to Me and Followed by the motivational speech, the Nerve to Serve.

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