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Motivational Speaker for Calgary Board of Education Support Staff

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Jan 21, 2014 @ 02:52 PM

motivational speaker for support staffOn February 13, 2014 I am a Humorous Motivational Speaker for the Calgary Board of Education Support Staff event. Over 1700 board of education support staff from across calgary will attend the event.

The audience will be diverse. Support staff include education assistants, admin secretaries, lunchroom supervisors, library assistants. Also included in support staff are other professional designations like speech language pathologists, psychologists, counsellors and behaviour support.

What unifies this group is they are all involved in helping and supporting students to flourish and thrive. They are all united in ensuring students have the opportunity to succeed and reach their potential.

Collectively this group supports over 107,000 students from kindergarden to high school. Enriching the lives of students and providing quality education is a challenging task with todays diverse student needs.

One of the unique changes this group has seen is now much of their communcation is online. Like most groups, going green is the rage and nothing is printed anymore. Thus some support staff are less technologically capable and something as simple as signing up and organizing a password for the online portal is challenging ( or even turning on the computer is still foreign to some). Staff are also filling out time sheets, payroll, tracking attendance and more.

The calgary board of education also suffers from government cutbacks to the tune of having to lay people off every year. This is stressful for anyone in a support staff role.

I am really looking forward to being a humorous motivational speaker for the calgary support staff. I am the opening keynote speaker delivering the motivational speech This Would Be Funny if it Wasn't Happening to Me!

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