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Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Jan 08, 2014 @ 08:43 PM

humorous motivational speakerI was a motivational speaker at a healthcare leadership summit last year where they hosted a lively motivational talk about why people are motivated to work.  A larger than I expected portion of the audience agreed that when it comes to work- what people really care about is money.

I think this is a very simplistic, narrow view of why people work and I know it is not true.

For instance, there are some strange things people do that have nothing to do with money. Some very motivated people climb mountains, do yoga, volunteer and none of this is linked to money.

People are motivated to work for many reasons not related to money. In fact, to be strictly motivated by money would be not very exciting at all. I think the more that anyone in a leadership position spends linking work to meaning, the more powerful a leader they will be.

If you think the essence of meaning in your work is unimportant to the work itself-  your leadership will not make an impact.

Every job, no matter how menial has relevance. To kick of the new year I'd like to suggest everyone in an organization have a strong contemplative look at the kind of contribution they make through their work.

 Here are some activities to get you started:


Think about how what you do helps others. How does your sweat and toil every day makes a concrete impact on the world? Dig Deep


Search out:


- Individual Customer Feedback. To get the ball rolling, you may need to call up past customers and beat a compliment out of them. Eventually though, you will start to see  patterns of how individuals have been impacted by your work.


-Team Contribution. Ask yourself, If you didn't show up for work for a week ( and nobody else did your job), how would the team function?


-Community Contribution. Now, link how your job impacts the larger community. Not just individual customers but there workplaces, friends, families, how they do business, etc.


Be Specific. Instead of saying you make life easier for others, dig deep and outline how.


See the final product. If your job entails contributing one  part to a bigger product, it's important to go out and see how the final product engages others.

Go back to the Basics. Break down everything you do and think about how it can be improved.

 Notice Improvements. Think back on the last year and notice how you have improved your performance.

 When you first enter work you have enthusiasm and lust for the work and over time it is beaten out of you. Remind yourself why you chose your line of work in the first place.

I enjoyed being a motivational speaker at a healthcare leadership summit. I started off the motivational talk by discussing the myth that money motivates!

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