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Guest Speaker for Physicians talks about Medical Marijuana

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Oct 22, 2013 @ 03:26 PM

inspirational speaker for physiciansI was recently an inspirational speaker for the Nova Scotia College of Family Physicians.

The other inspirational speaker was Dr Cameron Little who presented a motivational speech to the family physicians that made a pretty strong case for the use of medical marijuana.

Currently 19 states have legalized marijuana for medical use, while two state have legalized it for recreational use.
Some opponents argue legalized marijuana is both dangerous and addictive and slows down nerve function so you can't carry on regular life activities safely.
When it comes to cannabinoids, not a single person has ever overdosed (in its pure state not combined with other drugs). It has been used and perscribed for years by doctors. It is legal to perscribe canabinoids but not marijuana.
Medical canabis( Marijuana) is not currently approved for medical perscription; however it would be effectively used for pain, chemotherapy, and help with vomiting.
Canaboids can be very expensive ranging $30 to 40 per day, while marijuana can be purchased much cheaper.
The current medical system uses opiods to treat pain and other symptoms however these pain killers can be addictive and dangerous.  16,651 people died of opiod overdose in 2010. Opiods are a massive problem and cannaboids may be a less dangerous way to decrease pain.
Medical canabis has limited side effects but one of the challenges physicians face is they don't know why it works with some people and not for others.
Physicians who feel a patient will benefit from medical canabis can apply for an mmar but they must first show  that other medications and treatments didn't work. The physician must also prove that through the use of medical canabis, patients will still remain functional. The physician must also report  how much the patient will take,  they must monitor outcomes and decrease other medications.
Some treatment plans vaporize the canabis.
The CCIC organization offers accredited programs for doctors who want to help patients manage pain through cannabinoids.
Whether to allow more widespred medical marijuana is a political hot potatoe that the government doesn't want to get too close to.
The motivational speech ended by suggesting that in the future the decriminalization of medical merijuana will be the norm.

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