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Leadership and Effective Hiring: Should you Hire a Cat or a Dog?

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Sep 17, 2013 @ 10:09 AM

humorous motivational speakerI was an inspirational speaker for a healthcare conference last week where I watched a funny guest speaker and former litigator give a motivational speech on effective hiring practices.

He started his speech by suggesting that hiring someone is like getting married, easy to get into but hard to get out of. To get married you can conveniently go to las vegas, hire a minister or elope. But beware, because the wrong marriage is very hard to get out of.

The funny guest speaker shared with an interesting hiring analogy comparing a cat and a dog.
The analogy goes like this....When someone rings your doorbell what does a dog do? He barks and runs to door. What's interesting is that the door is never for them, yet they seek the same appreciation every time.

A cat on the other hand would run away from a new household visitor. In fact they may show no interest at all in the guest because in their mind they rule the roost. The cat is complacent to the situation and would chose to get out of sight.

The funny guest speaker asked the audience, would you rather hire a dog or a cat? Hands down the audience agreed, we should hire the dog.

Behaviorally, the dog thrives on appreciation and will consistently show up and work for it. Whereas its almost impossible to determine what motivates a cat. The cat behaves like it just doesn't care.

It may seem like it is much lower maintenance to hire someone who lays low and doesn't seek much attention but try to get them to perform and it may be impossible as they are not motivated by your appreciation.

So the next time you are hiring ask this a dog or a cat?

I enjoyed serving as an inspirational speaker for the healthcare Conference, my motivational speech was Daring to be Caring...Leading a Spirited Healthcare Team.

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