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Guest Speaker Pat Fetterman, Infineum

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Sep 25, 2013 @ 11:16 PM

humorous motivational speakerOn August 19, 2013, I was a motivational speaker for the petroleum packaging council. One of the other guest speakers was Pat Fetterman from Infineum who gave a speech on changes in the petroleum industry.

The guest speaker opened by suggesting he was planning on retiring but before doing so he had to come give this motivational speech.

Throughout the content loaded speech, the guest speaker tore through 132 PowerPoint slides.

Some of the interesting facts mentioned in the motivational speech for the petroleum producers were...

In 1963 the world was a different place. Hardly anyone was thinking about how technology would impact the industry.

Global drivers of change in the petroleum industry include the Growth of Non traditional fuels like biofuels, synthetic fuels and more.

in the auto sector the prevalence of the automatic transmission is growing. General motors and ford are collaborating on new fuel efficient transmissions.

Fluids will go even lower viscosity as automobile manufacturers try to strike a balance between Improved fuel economy and durability.

Worldwide fuel will consumption will add 500 million additional tonnes in next 10 years. Asia pacific will show the biggest demand. Global demand for Gasoline will flatten and much of the growth will be met with technology changes.
A Larger contribution to consumption will come from non traditional sources.

In 2011 a full 50 percent of vehicles sold were diesel. China is a world leader in automobile consumption and 50 million more vehicles will be on road by 2030.

In the global motorcycle market sales will grow 7 to 8 percent annually.
Asia will grow the most.

Harley davidson leads the north American market. Overall the Motorcycle market is Growing but profits are down. In Indonesia they hit 13 million motorcycle sales in 2012.

The guest speaker suggested Today's cars are safer with less wear and tear and better fuel economy.

In 1960 the Volkswagen Wagon beetle went from 0 to 60 in 34 seconds Today the rate is 6 seconds.

I enjoyed being a motivational speaker for the petroleum packaging council, my opening motivational speech was This Would be Funny if it wasn't Happening to Me!

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