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Questions to Avoid in a Job Interview

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Oct 03, 2013 @ 11:53 AM

humorous motivational speakerRecently, I was humorous motivational speaker for a bankers conference. One of other guest speaker delivered a funny motivational speech on the things we need to avoid asking applicants in a Job interview.

The guest speaker opened with the provocative suggestion that No Hire is Better than A Bad Hire.

What should You Look for on an Employment Application?





Reasons for leaving previous employment





When it comes to job descriptions, you cannot afford to NOT have them! And you Must use them Early and Often.

The funny motivational speech outlined the following Questions to Avoid at All Costs in a Job Interview ( to avoid being sued):





National Origin

Marital Status

Family Status

Disability and Medical Conditions

Worker's Comp Record

Military Status

Arrests and Convictions

Have You trained your interviewers?

The humorous motivational speaker ( who is a lawyer!) suggested, "It's usually not about why you discipline or fire an employee, but how you do it."

The guest speaker was really witty and informative, one of the best workshops i have attended at a conference!

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