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Leadership Guest Speaker Shari Roth

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Oct 14, 2013 @ 11:03 AM

leadership guest speakerI was recently a motivational keynote speaker for the Florida Assisted Living Association. One of the other leadership guest speakers was Shari Roth, the managing partner for Capital Idea.

Shari's motivational speech was titled, Busting through the 5 hidden Barriers that Sabotage a Leaders Success. As a performance improvement consultant, Shari has a wealth of experience engaging leaders.

The leadership guest speaker suggested that success is the continuous achievement of your own predetermined goals stabilized by your vision and aligned with your core values.

The motivational speech outline the 5 Key Barriers to a Leaders Success as...

1. Goals not clearly defined

Less than 20 percent of people have clearly defined goals. We always hear people say they are busy, but there is difference between activity and goal directed activity.
Was it a successful day? Most people can't answer this question because they don't have clear goals and a lack of personal fulfillment results.

A good Goal criteria follows the...SMART Acronym:
Realistically high
Time bound

2. Lack of Having a Clear Plan

3. Working in a Vacuum

4. Inability to Get Buy- in from Others

5. Attitudes & Expectations Not Consistent with Success

I enjoyed being a motivational keynote speaker for the Florida Assisted Living Association Conference, my motivational speech was The Joy of the Job for Assisted Living Professionals.

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