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Motivational Keynote Speaker Mark Scharenbroich

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Aug 29, 2013 @ 05:31 PM

motivational speaker for bankersI was a motivational speaker for the Kansas Bankers Association recently in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This event brought over 300 senior banking leaders to an absolutely stunning facility, the Broadmoor Hotel.

The other motivational keynote speaker for the bankers was Mark Scharenbroich, presenting his motivational speech based on his book, Nice Bike.

Mark's motivational speech is based on a story he told where he attended the Harley Davidson 100 Year Anniversary celebration. During his time at the convention he kept hearing the words, Nice Bike.

This became a leadership philosophy and a key driving message for the motivational speaker. The basic motivational principle is that everybody needs to belong. From bikers to bankers to ice cream lovers, people crave connection and the need to feel a part of something bigger.

Nice bike is a memorable philosophy that encompasses three basic principles:

Acknowledging. We all need recognition and appreciation. A survey the motivational speaker mentioned suggested that 65% of people would rather have more acknowledgement than money. We all need to hear, nice bike.

To acknowledge means to be aware.

Honoring. Means focusing not just on what's important to you, but what is meaningful to others. Confidence without compassion is arrogance. Serve others with passion.

Connecting. Refers to making meaningful connections with others in service of your mission.

I enjoyed the motivational keynote speakers Nice Bike philosophy. His motivational speech was inspiring and relevant.

I especially appreciated how Mark catered his motivational speech to the audience, consistently making the analogies relevant to a community banker.


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