Motivational Speaker for the Pulp and Paper Safety Conference

On June 20, 2018, I was a funny motivational speaker for the Pulp and Paper ...

How to Handle Criticism: Lessons from Stand Up Comedy

Unless you plan to fly under the radar your whole life and not stand for ...

Customer Service & How to Fake Nice

        Imagine opening a gift you hate and smiling, while acting like the gift ...

How to Avoid Brain Drain

Dr. Mike Dow wrote the book, Heal your Brain Drain.

How to Build Self Awareness

Leadership Speaker, Dr. Tasha Eurich is an Organizational Psychologist who ...

4 Types of Energy and How to Manage It

Feeling pulled in every direction?

How to Hire High Performing Sales Professionals

Master motivational sales speaker, the late Chet Holmes has solid ideas on how ...

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