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Adapt to Change by Letting Go

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Sep 02, 2016 @ 12:44 PM

Some people refuse to adapt to new ideas and evolve. They hold onto set ways, tried and true strategies, and refuse to let go. If they could just back down, release their judgement, and steadfast grip on the way things are, they could open up their mind to new ideas.

To adapt, we have to create space in our brain to consider another way. I think one of the reasons people hold so tight to, (It's MY way or else), is that anything new can create uncertainty. People grow emotionally tied to the way things are, and start to take change personally.

The idea that we are moving in a different direction, is felt as a personal attack to their character. They can't let go of the way things are, or embrace something new. To help people budge, make change seem exciting, not threatening. Encourage teams to let go, and lessen the temptation to take the evolution personally.

To truly adapt, I think we have to give up the need to be right. It's challenging, but entails accepting that every idea we have isn't the best idea out there.

The moment you get wound up and take change personally, it's game over. No growth can occur when we retreat within, protect the ego, and insist we're right.

Instead, frame people's experience and skills, as a source of strength and advantage. Find ways to engage team members strengths and nudge them to spearhead the evolution.

From a funny motivational speakers perspective, I'd say any individual needing to, Let Go, just needs to stop taking themselves so seriously. In the end, whether we are right or wrong doesn't matter.  Change may be hard in the beginning, but the more you make space for it, the more you see it's actually good for you or your team.

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