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A Message to Obnoxious Sports Parents

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Oct 04, 2017 @ 04:29 PM


I am a hockey mom. I've noticed that some parents can't separate their personal identity from their kid's performance on the ice. As a result, they take their kids performance personally. 

If their child fails, some parents can show visible and meaningful disapproval. I feel so bad for their children. 

Kids need to know your relationship is not riding on how they play the game. Otherwise, the pressure mounts, effects performance, and can make kids believe they don't measure up.   Carrying around a feeling that your not good enough to the most important people in the world, your parents, can have a long term and devastating impact. 

Our kids have the potential to mess up or even embarrass us but they need to know that we will still have their back. 

Obnoxious parents detract from the event and confuse, embarrass and discourage their children. Many parents put pressure on their kids to be the star of the team, and that focus destroys teamwork. Teams only work when all members do what is best for the team, not for themselves.

For a child, trying to be the star of the show to impress their parents will only hurt team performance.

Prioritize your relationship with your child over all else.  

Who is your child's success really about, them or you?


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