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5 Meeting energizers

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Apr 06, 2016 @ 10:08 AM

humorous motivational speaker energizersMeeting energizers boost enthusiasm and learning potential. They help people get to know each other, encourage team building, networking and learning. When audiences are sleepy or tired, they need a boost to keep them engaged.
Introduce any of the 5 meeting energizers below to lift people up!
Music. Uplifting lyrics have proven to boost positive endorphins in listeners. Pumping happy music before, between and after speakers sessions makes the lull between content more engaging. As a motivational speaker, I once had a live band that played lyrics that incorporated some of my learning points after the speech.
Interaction. Anytime you get audience members to participate, they are more engaged. Interaction can include simple rhetoric questions, audience surveys, interaction with the person next to you and quick physical activities ( i.e. a high five). Facilitating games and ice breakers between sessions helps to keep energy levels high.
Humor. When people laugh, they are engaged. You cannot be angry, stressed out or worrying about something, and laugh at the same time. Today, audiences are very distracted, humor brilliantly serves to bring their brains to a session and makes them more focused and aware. A humorous motivational speaker, MC or comedian can add short bursts of humor to keep people involved.
Group Photos
I was recently a motivational speaker for a franchise event, during breaks, they regularly showed fun photos of participants throughout the event. People were eagerly looking for themselves in photos. It created a sense of culture and belonging. 
Make it Relevant- Reinforce Themes or Important Content
Audiences today are busy and goal oriented. People do not want to to feel forced to participate in meeting activities just to fill (or waste) time. Any interaction needs to be  catered to the group and reinforce the theme or purpose for the meeting. Never do silly activities just to do them. Meeting Energizers need to be centered on specific learning and reinforce meeting content. If there are important themes that carry your event, reinforce these with energizers.
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