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Arizona Credit Union League Humorous Guest Speaker

humorous speaker for credit unions

On June 17, 2011,  I am a guest speaker for the Arizona Credit Union League, where approximately 110 credit union volunteers, executives, management and operational employess will gather at the Radisson Fort McDowell Scottsdale, Arizona.

Event Planners.... Avoid Death by Power Point

event planners

I very rarely use PowerPoint. When I do, I know I better have a back up plan.

Levity... A Good Excuse to Goof Off

funny speaker

The act of play helps you shape and understand your world. If you played more and actively had fun for no reason but to enjoy it, how would you see the world differently?

Managing Generations Facebook: Life Interrupted and Forever Changed

managing generations

Facebook: Life Interrupted and Forever Changed

Motivational Speaker Rants about Negative People

Motivational Speaker

Negative people annoy me. If your going to be cranky than it's your choice but don't infect everyone around you with your sour disposition.

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