Motivational Speaker writes All Work & No SAY…

How to Captivate Your Workforce, Boost Morale and Increase Productivity is written by syndicated columnist and established professional speaker Jody Urquhart and is designed to demonstrate the value of employee involvement and input to increase enthusiasm, productivity and efficiency. Organizations everywhere jeopardize their odds of attracting and maintaining the best people by underestimating the value of employee input. All Work & No SAY is a rescue manual that is bursting with surprising solutions,a bountiful colletion of suggestions to inject new passion into work.

This exceptional book helps organizations of all sizes gauge and increase SAY factor, and therefore, satisfaction among its employees.

“…Jody has concrete, immediately usable ideas and actions for every reader.”

Sheila Murray Bethel, Ph.D.
Best selling author of Making A Difference, 12 Qualities That Make You A Leader

All Work & No SAY offers practical, useable tools including:

  • Self tests throughout to allow you to assess your current workplace
  • 10 critical factors to captivate your workforce, boost morale and increase productivity
  • 55 ways to make reward programs more fun and effective
  • Step-by-step action plans for implementing the techniques offered
  • 13 steps to creating a fun workplace …and much, much more!

Author: Jody Urquhart
Publisher: Iconoclast Publishing
ISBN: 0-9732502-0-8
Page Count: 163
Size: 8.25” X 5”, soft cover
Bar Coded: Yes
Price: $20 US or CDN

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